Benefits of a Cypress Log Home

Southern Red Cypress is by far the best; being a wood that is used in all applications, it's natural decay and bug resistance makes it an ideal wood for decking, siding and many other outdoor jobs, as well as a beautiful inside wood used for flooring, paneling and trim.

Resistant to Rot

Cypress' own oils naturally resist rot, fungus, and decay. Cypressene blocks rot of all kinds.

Repels Bugs

Termites and other bugs are repelled by Cypress' natural oils. Your home's foundation will act as a natural deterrent to pests.

Energy Efficient

The slow growing, tight ringed Cypress is denser than normal wood, making it easily resist shrinkage and highly energy efficient.

Natural Preservative Oil

Southern Red Cypress contains Cypressene, which provides a barrier against all forms of insects and rotting.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to work with; hand and power tool friendly. Excellent at absorbing stains. Planes easily and resists warping.

Low Cost

When compared to other woods, Cypress is a low cost, high longevity wood. You will spend less money building and maintaining your house when you use Cypress.